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Join me at 9:40 this morning for some trivia...I'll even give you the answers...

It's time for "Yes or B.S."  We give you a statement, and you decide YES, it's true . . . or NO, it's total B.S.  The topic is BETTY WHITE, who turns 96 years old today . . .

1.  Betty is her nickname.  Her real first name is Elizabeth.

B.S.  "Betty" IS normally a nickname for Elizabeth.  But her birth certificate says "Betty Marion White."  Her parents specifically named her Betty because they didn't like other nicknames like Beth or Liz.

2.  She's on Twitter, and has over a million followers.

Yes:  She's tweeted just over 100 times since 2012, and has 1.4 million followers.

3.  She's been on television since the '50s, but she's still never won an Emmy.

B.S.  She's won five Primetime Emmys, and been nominated a total of 21 times.  Her first win was in 1975 for "The Mary Tyler Moore Show".  Her last win was in 2010 for hosting &…
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Survey Questions About Office Etiquette

Monday was a holiday which meant I was all alone at the radio station for awhile, so I went ahead and ate a tuna fish sandwich, with my shoes off while clipping my nails and passing gas! NOT!

Here are ten questions from a recent survey on office etiquette . . .

 1.  Is it okay to play music without headphones in?  94% say it's unacceptable.  Only 6% of us are fine with it.

2.  Is it okay to eat really smelly food at your desk, like tuna?  63% say no.  37% say it's your lunch, so eat whatever you want, and they'll deal with the smell.

3.  Is it okay to take your shoes off at your desk?  56% say yes.  44% say no, never.

4.  How about clipping your nails at your desk?  93% say no.  7% say go for it.  They're probably assuming FINGERNAILS though, not toenails.  100% shouldn't do that.

5.  Is it okay to occasionally make personal phone calls at work?  51% say no.  49% say it's fine, as long as it's not all the time.

6.  Should you mute your cell phone, so it doe…

What do these people post on Instagram?

My life started out in Tokyo, Japan. I'm what they call a "military brat", my father was in the army and at the time was stationed in Japan. As a kid I've seen different places, Germany and other parts of Europe but eventually the old man got stationed back in the U.S. all over the states...New York, Indiana, Texas and then California.

 According to a new survey, a HUGE number of Americans have barely traveled anywhere.  Check it out . . .

1.  40% have never left the country.

2.  54% have visited less than 10 states.

3.  13% have never been in an airplane.

4.  And 11% have NEVER left their home state.

The survey also found that 76% of people wish they could travel more . . . but 10% are perfectly fine never going anywhere.

Do You Like Your Job?

When I was a kid in high school one my first jobs was a busboy at Perry Boy's Smorgasbord in Salinas, California. You know, an all-you-can-eat joint, I lasted less than a week. I was lucky to get a gig working all night at KWYT-FM, which happened to be an automated "Beautiful Music" station.

I loved it and as they say the "rest is history." Are you happy where you work?

A job in Hollywood or the music industry might sound fun.  But would it really make you happy?  Don't think too hard, because apparently the answer is YES.

A new study surveyed people in a bunch of different industries to find out which jobs make us the happiest.  And three of the top five are GLAMOUR jobs that come with at least some level of fame.

The five jobs with the highest satisfaction rate are video game producer . . . film director . . . music producer . . . comedian . . . and neurosurgeon.

It seems like they should have put "successful" in front of a few of those though. …


Caught up in the winter blahs? Yeah, it's cold and windy, a little icy, and you have to bundle up to get from your house to your car, from your car to work, from work to your car (do you see a pattern here?) and you'd give anything for day where's sunny and 55 degrees.

Fret not there's things to do to pass the time. My wife like jigsaw puzzles. She sets up a table and away she goes. Me? I keep tabs on some baseball teams. You see in about a month pitchers and catchers report to spring training. I know that means we're on the backside of winter.

Still, waiting for that BIG snowstorm. I'm sure it'll catch us when we least expect it.

Nice, that's what you'll wish for the next time you watch a  weather forecast. When's is it going to be nice again. Well, it's pretty nice right now, if you're into ice fishing.

Games People Play

Games People Play was a song recorded by Joe South, a good song, but were not gonna talk about songs, but talk about games.

Exactly the severity of the winter storm has yet to be established, it may cause you to be tied down to one location. 

If you get stuck at work, a crossword puzzle or word-search book may help you pass the hours. These can be fun and provide you solitude.

Stuck at home with friends, & neighbors? Well, a game of Scrabble or Monopoly could be the cure. In Scrabble trying to get rid of the letter tile of "Q","Z", or "X" can be frustrating. To get all three can be demoralizing. Should you get all three and use them maybe on a double word score, it can be fun. Ever play Scrabble for money? Penny a point gives the game a twist. A dollar a point give it an edge. Monopoly speaks for itself. The biggest argument is usually at the beginning of the game over who is going to use which token. It can take hours to get to a conclusion. A time limi…

Iler Smiler

A New York man is about to return home from his trip to Thailand with a very interesting story. 27-year-old Steve Cho was thrown in jail after he overdosed on Viagra and went for a naked stroll through the airport. And just to make sure he got everyone's attention, he also decided to yell some insane things and throw his own feces at people. Cho was eventually tackled by six security guards who, to their credit, showed a lot of restraint and didn't harm him.  Once Cho calmed down, he told officers he had "taken too many sex drugs" and apologized. He also offered to pay for any damage he caused. Police transported him to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation