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What's the news that gets to you.

All kinds of different stories making the news these days. Away from the political noise of "he said, she said" stuff, which is good theatrics, but I wish they would get something done about coming to a common goal of making this world a better place to live. Anyway..
I see, Toys For Us is shutting down. The blame is being put on Wal-Mart and Amazon. I didn't realize Toys For Us had been around 70 years. I wonder where the idea for Toys For Us came from. there were a lot of new ideas put into action after World War II. Maybe, Toys For Us was one of them. As a parent you, like your children grow out of the store. Seems like they couldn't get the last couple of generations to take their children there and make purchases.
Did you hear about the dog that wound up in Japan, instead of Kansas City? Seems an airline passenger was traveling. She got to K.C., but her dog wound up in Japan, while another dog...yup you guessed it, was supposed to go to Japan and wound up in Kansa…
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Finally Friday

Some random thought about spring time to share today. Saw on Facebook a satellite photo of the thousands of bird migrating to Nebraska. Pretty impressive, many in south central Nebraska at Harlan, also along the Platte River, spring must be coming soon.
The calendar flipped from February to March, another sign of spring is on its way. However, don't discount the late winter snow storm that is able to bring activities to a grinding halt. We may see one yet! I could do without it.
It's the Lenten season, seems every town has at least one organization with a weekly fish fry. I won't mention any particular one, just pick one out,  you'll probably bump into friends, neighbors, or relatives. Bon appetite'.
Baseball is underway on all levels. The majors, college, high schools, and even the little leagues are getting the gear out for another season. 
Don't let Easter sneak up on you, it's on April Fools Day. You can tell Easter isn't far off. It reminds me to make …


It's special day in our nation's capital, Washington DC as Dolly Parton's Imagination Library will dedicate 100 Millionth Book to the Library of Congress collection https://dollyparton.com_library/100-millionth-book-to-library of congress/14968..
Click on the link to learn more.

Dolly is a national treasure. Perhaps you didn't know much more about Dolly than her music, movies, and theme park. 

She really gives her all, to everyone,

Winter Wonderland

Okay, okay, okay...I'm not crazy about the pending snow this weekend, either. Just head to your favorite grocery store and stock up.

Keep you boots, shovel and gloves hand.

Most importantly keep a good attitude, this shall pass,too.
Follow the weather at Click on the weather tab.

Weather or not

WOW, talk about weird weather. Record highs in some places, heavy rains in other places, along with snow, sleet and freezing rain. It must be winter! 

How do you deal with it? Many of us just take it as it comes. Here in Nebraska I've learned to keep a snow shovel and some ice melt nearby. Some of use cover the windshield with a tarp to keep the ice off. Gotta make sure that tarp is secure, or you'll be looking for it down the street! 

Have you noticed the gas station seems to be busier when the temperature if 30 degrees, rather than say minus 10 degrees? Who wants to pump gas and freeze!?! 

When the weather service puts out a winter storm warning the check out at the grocery store seems to get longer. Besides picking up the essentials, people grab their comfort food.
What's yours? Slim Jims, popcorn, maybe doughnuts. Whatever, I bet you catch yourself next time grabbing something that is non-essential.

Got school children? They keep checking our website (…

The life of newspapers

Reading on line today a story from CNBC. The CEO of the New York Times says print journalism has at least another ten years of life. He expects changes to be made to the structure of the Times, and it will prevail via on-line subscription. This means it will come to your phone, laptop, tablet, etc.

This should be "good news" to the forests. No more trees being shredded for news print.
So they will continue to evaluate the economics of having a print edition. No longer can a grade schooler earn money by making the rounds and deliver the local paper.

It does present some challenges for electronic media like radio and television. One question that comes to mind, "what happens to the comic strip". How about the front page picture of the local parade, or the picture of the high school football player carrying the ball for the winning touchdown?

Yes, it can be added to a video stream, but how quickly?

It's food for thought for the present-day local media to wrestle with. …

We've Lost Another

Country music has lost another great singer and performer today.  Daryle Singletary died this morning at his home in Lebanon, Tennessee.  Singletary was 46.  The cause of death has not been released. 

Singletary recorded such hits as "I Let Her Lie", "Too Much Fun", and "Amen Kind of Love". 

Thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and four children.

R.I.P. Daryle Singletary