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It's special day in our nation's capital, Washington DC as Dolly Parton's Imagination Library will dedicate 100 Millionth Book to the Library of Congress collection https://dollyparton.com_library/100-millionth-book-to-library of congress/14968..
Click on the link to learn more.

Dolly is a national treasure. Perhaps you didn't know much more about Dolly than her music, movies, and theme park. 

She really gives her all, to everyone,

Winter Wonderland

Okay, okay, okay...I'm not crazy about the pending snow this weekend, either. Just head to your favorite grocery store and stock up.

Keep you boots, shovel and gloves hand.

Most importantly keep a good attitude, this shall pass,too.
Follow the weather at Click on the weather tab.

Weather or not

WOW, talk about weird weather. Record highs in some places, heavy rains in other places, along with snow, sleet and freezing rain. It must be winter! 

How do you deal with it? Many of us just take it as it comes. Here in Nebraska I've learned to keep a snow shovel and some ice melt nearby. Some of use cover the windshield with a tarp to keep the ice off. Gotta make sure that tarp is secure, or you'll be looking for it down the street! 

Have you noticed the gas station seems to be busier when the temperature if 30 degrees, rather than say minus 10 degrees? Who wants to pump gas and freeze!?! 

When the weather service puts out a winter storm warning the check out at the grocery store seems to get longer. Besides picking up the essentials, people grab their comfort food.
What's yours? Slim Jims, popcorn, maybe doughnuts. Whatever, I bet you catch yourself next time grabbing something that is non-essential.

Got school children? They keep checking our website (…

The life of newspapers

Reading on line today a story from CNBC. The CEO of the New York Times says print journalism has at least another ten years of life. He expects changes to be made to the structure of the Times, and it will prevail via on-line subscription. This means it will come to your phone, laptop, tablet, etc.

This should be "good news" to the forests. No more trees being shredded for news print.
So they will continue to evaluate the economics of having a print edition. No longer can a grade schooler earn money by making the rounds and deliver the local paper.

It does present some challenges for electronic media like radio and television. One question that comes to mind, "what happens to the comic strip". How about the front page picture of the local parade, or the picture of the high school football player carrying the ball for the winning touchdown?

Yes, it can be added to a video stream, but how quickly?

It's food for thought for the present-day local media to wrestle with. …

We've Lost Another

Country music has lost another great singer and performer today.  Daryle Singletary died this morning at his home in Lebanon, Tennessee.  Singletary was 46.  The cause of death has not been released. 

Singletary recorded such hits as "I Let Her Lie", "Too Much Fun", and "Amen Kind of Love". 

Thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and four children.

R.I.P. Daryle Singletary

Got Mail?

Receiving free items in the mail sounds like a great thing, but one Massachusetts couple has had enough of it.
Mike and Kelly Gallivan say they've received dozens of Amazon packages that they never ordered and it's becoming annoying. 25 packages have arrived at their door since October. Each one contains something small and inexpensive, like phone chargers, plastic fans, phone cases and an outdoor TV cover. The couple eventually figured out that a company is likely sending the items to them as a scheme to get fraudulent reviews.
The Gallivans have contacted Amazon, and the online retailer is looking into their claims. Meanwhile, they say they're donating all of the items they've received

Iler Smiler: You Have The Right To Remain Silent

A Florida man who opened up his mouth during a drug bust ended up making his wife open up a much more private area for cops -- who found a stash of dope hidden in her lady parts. Steven and Jamie Schultz were initially pulled over after their car was spotted weaving back and forth over a solid yellow highway line. As one deputy wrote up a citation and checked their licenses, another called for backup, including a K-9 unit, which caught a scent of cocaine that prompted a search of the vehicle. According to the police report, the couple was then put in the backseat of a patrol car, where a recording device caught them discussing a hiding place for the drugs, and deciding on Jamie's private parts -- where a female officer found a baggie of coke during an exam at the station

Flu Is Here

The flu has hit many families, schools, and businesses this winter with a nasty strain that has been deadly at times.  The nastiness that is the flu has even hit many of us here at the old radio ranch.  While there may not be a way to absolutely prevent you from getting flu, the CDC does offer some great tips on how to prevent it.  Good luck and stay healthy!

Iler Smiler

A Montana man thought he could get his kicks by stealing clothing from the apartment of one of his pals -- but he was busted when cops came to search his home and saw him wearing a pair of kicks he'd taken in the heist.
Alex Joseph Mondragon was charged with felony burglary, as well as criminal mischief and theft. It all started when he kicked in the door of his friend's residence last week. The victim told officers that he suspected the 22-year-old was behind the heist because he'd admired the vintage Adidas sneakers and had a history of petty crime.
Mondragon quickly confessed when deputies came to his home, and is being held on $5000 bail


Media pro's are saying the Superbowl will have 16% less viewers Sunday. The article I saw, went on to say it's due to the number of people that are upset with the NFL and how the NFL has dealt with players who will not stand for the National Anthem. Some think New England has won the game, others aren't event sure who New England is playing.

Not sure just how much, or what part I may watch. There are several parts: 1) the pregame, the game, the television ads, the half-time show, and the post game show.

Then there are others who will binge watch Family Feud on the Game Show network, or whatever Law and Order marathon is running. You can always check out HGTV or the Food Channel for their marathons.

Facebook Ads

Have you ever noticed the ads on your Facebook page? I don't. I automatically "delete" them. Someone told me there's a place on Facebook for what they call "ad preferences". So I checked it out, nowhere did I see the selection "None of the Above". There's as much chance of me buying something off Facebook as, responding to a robo call telling me it's the IRS and I owe them money.  The IRS doesn't call you, they come a knockin'.


Remember the paperback books you used to find in the computer section of a store? You know the titles: g-mail for Dummies; Internet for Dummies; and dummies for Dummies, and the like.

I guess I haven't really looked but, is there a Blogging for Dummies out there. If so, please reply and let me know.