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See you Later

Do you catch yourself ever saying, "see you later", when you are in a conversation? Well, we are all about to see 2017 fade into the history books. Can't say "see you later", 2017 will be done, over, gone, finished. How did the year treat you?

In some way we started new relationships. Quite possibly on the computer. A text, responding to Facebook, or just spending more time just surfing the web. 

It seems to be a lot easier for younger people to just "text" rather than talk to someone. 

Texting is okay, but cannot display the emotion the spoken word can.

So, as I make plans to ring in the New Year in the artic state known as Nebraska, I'm going to reach out more by calling people. 

And, please be sure to set up your voice mail.


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Police say a hunter’s trip home hit a snag in Las Vegas after security screeners found a dead cougar in his luggage. No crime was committed because the man had a hunting tag. But Transportation Security Administration agents held the man at McCarran International Airport late Tuesday to confirm the validity of the Utah hunting tag. An airport spokeswoman said the man ended up shipping the cougar carcass home, not on the airplane. Police said it’s not a crime to transport legally possessed game on an airline flight but airlines can refuse to transport certain items.


When I lived in California (for about 30 years) one of my favorite fast food spots was Jack-In-The-Box, and my favorite was their Tacos. Most of the time when I ate there I wasn't stoned....

In January – when recreational marijuana will become legal in California – Jack in the Box will offer a meal catered to stoners in the Golden State. For the price of $4.20 (of course) customers at select Jack in the Box locations in California will be able to buy the “Merry Munchie Meal” for a week in January. You get a big bang for your buck: a small drink, fries, two tacos, onion rings, three chicken strips, and a whopping five mini churros to top it all off. The idea is a collaboration with a business funded in part by rapper Snoop Dogg.

Winter weather

Winter Weather Advisorty until 9:00 pm   Falling temperatures, freezing drizzle and light snow will make driving difficult. For driving condition in Nebraska dial 5-1-1. Keep your radio on KZ-100 for weather updates

Nice Donation!

A worker at a Texas thrift store made an unusual discovery while going through a box of donations – $17,050 in the pocket of an old coat. Guadalupe Reesor, who works at the Resale Shop owned by Jewish Family Service in Richardson, was sorting clothing donations and examining them for stains and holes when she discovered something in the pocket of a black pea coat – $17,050 separated into four envelopes. Reesor brought the cash to her boss, Assistant Manager Kristina Russell and Russell contacted Cathy Barker, chief operating officer at Jewish Family Service. The workers examined the envelopes and discovered one of them bore a name they connected to an entry in the store’s donor database. The donor, a 78-year-old widow named Sheri, said she donated her husband’s old coat after his death in January. She said she did not know about the stash of cash. The store cut Sheri a check for the $17,500 found in the coat’s pocket. Sheri awarded Reesor $1,000 for her honesty.

Winter Winner for next Summer

Okay the forecast  it sucks for the next 36-48 hours. They (National Weather Service)talking freezing rain, snow.freezing temps strong winds yada-yada. It's winter. First Offical Day of Winter on Thursday.
Let's spin the calendar forward in six months. The Comstock Windmill Festival: June 15, 16, & 17. Coming up on Friday, I'll be filling in for David and during the 12-1 pm KZ-100 will give away two, 3-day passes. Some of the artists scheduled to perform are: Luke Combs, Lee Brice, Trick Pony, and Diamond Rio. A complete list of artists can be found at Windmill Festival dot com.
To make it fair for everyone if you won a single day pass a couple of weeks can't win again. 
Good luck with the weather and with winning with KZ-100.

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Iler Smiler

Years ago I went up to Heavenly Valley, Sierra's in California/Nevada, for a skiing experience  I won't ever forget. Near the top of the ski resort you could look to the east and see Nevada and the desert and to the west California as far as the eyes could see. The best part...I made it safely down the mountain!

Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley will headline publishing rights organization ASCAP’s (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) inaugural Snowmass Celebrity Ski Fest charity event which will be held in the Colorado Rockies on February 21-22, 2018. Singers, songwriters and celebrities will come together to raise money for LadyAID, a philanthropic effort founded by the members of Lady Antebellum – Dave Haywood, Charles Kelley and Hillary Scott. Created in 2012, the organization garners awareness and support for children in need locally, nationally and globally, as it is a component fund of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. The Snowmass Celebrity…

Pie Contest

The KZ-100 Farm and Life Expo is coming up on January 31st and February 1st. During the expo every year is the much anticipated pie contest! This year's contest will be held on Thursday, February 1st. Entries must be brought in by 10 am. and judging will be at 11 am. Pies must be made with a lard crust.

Each year the Nebraska Pork Producers sponsors this pie contest, and they will do the same this year. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and peoples choice.

Last year was my first year judging the contest, and I can't wait to judge again this year. There are always some great entries. For any questions you can always call the station: 402-564-2866.

Look forward to tasting your yummy pies!

- Kim

Holiday Party

I see today is the radio stations Holiday party - a great collections of crackers and dips, Swedish meatballs, cookies, snack stuff, and candy. Be sure to take your plates and containers home at the end of the day, and clean up.

Some of us will get a little sleepy by the afternoon. Do you think they could...nah the boss would never go for cots to nap.

Hey, if you're having a party at work this week keep the radio on KZ-100. We are playing the Christmas favorites all day.

Enjoy the rest of the week. It'll go by fast.

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Favorite Christmas

Probably in the mid 60' brother Richard got a stingray 12 speed bike and I got a mini-bike,
we always had a little rivalry, he was a year older than me and challenged me to a race. Yea, that's right a race, his pedal power and my 3 1/2 horsepower mini-bike, we headed down to Patton Elementary school (Ft. Ord-California) where there was a 50 yard track. And we're off...I blew him away and shut him up for the rest of the day!

When it comes to Christmas gifts, Luke Bryan’s wife Caroline went above and beyond to deliver something truly special. In a new video, Bryan shares the story of his wife and father getting together to track down the pickup truck once owned by his older brother, Chris, who died in a car accident at the age of 26 when Luke was just 19. “The best Christmas present I have ever gotten, and will ever get, was when my wife Caroline went and found my brother’s old pickup truck from 1996,”…

Number 25

Blake Shelton's latest release "I'll Name the Dogs" has just become his 25th #1 of his career.  Like the many of previous 24, its a great representation of the light-hearted upbeat songs that fans of all ages can enjoy. 

Blake is one of those artists that can connect with fans of any age group.  Whether it be my parents in their upper 60s, or my 7 year-old daughter who thinks he is so funny.  This was never more evident than last spring when my parents and my family all went to watch him in concert.  He kept everyone, young and old, engaged and put on one of the best shows I have ever seen.

You can check Blake out tonight in the season finale of "The Voice" and read more about his latest accomplish in this article on our website.


2018 Grammy's

The Grammy's has always been one of my favorite "award" shows...

For a crash course in the top contenders at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards, all you need to do is check out the new 2018 GRAMMY Nominees collection.
Five of the album's 21 tracks are country titles, ranging from number ones by Little Big Town, Thomas Rhett and Kenny Chesney to hits by Chris Stapleton and Lady Antebellum.
You'll also find cuts from members of country music's extended family: Kelly Clarkson and Pink, who've notched their own country chart-toppers with duets with Jason Aldean and Mr. Chesney, respectively.
The 2018 GRAMMY Nominees album will be released January 12, and you can pre-order it now at or  You can also enter for a chance to win a trip for two to the actual ceremony in New York City next month.
The 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards, hosted by James Corden, will air on CBS January 28 starting at 7:30p.m. ET.
Here is the full track list for t…

All about Christmas

Keep an ear to the KZ-100 Sky Scan forecast. As Christmas approaches there's a chance of snow later this week and into the weekend. As of yet, forecasters are saying very little about "how much"
we could receive.

What is that  makes a "White Christmas" so magical? There's the song "White Christmas", surely
there's more to it than that. What's you five favorite Christmas song? Here's mine:

5) Celebrate Me Home - Kenny Loggins

4) Joy to the World - Boston Pops

3) The Christmas Song - Nat King Cole

2) Christmas, (Baby Please Come Home) - Darlene Love

1) White Christmas - Bing Crosby

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Great line up of speakers for KZ-100's Farm and Life Expo

The KZ-100 Farm and Life Expo is coming up quickly! This year we have a stellar line up of speakers:

Cora Fox - Center for Rural Affairs 
Cora will talk about the Farm Bill and the Center for Rural Affairs' four policy priorities for the 2018 Farm Bill. Those priorities include: Crop insurance reform, conservation, beginning farmers and ranchers, and rural development. 
Cora will be speaking on Wednesday, January 31st at 10 AM.
Wes Peterson - UNL
Wes Peterson is a Professor of Agricultural Economics for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He will discuss Brexit, the European Union and International Trade. He will tie this into how Brexit will effect trade here in the United States.

Wes will speak on Wednesday, January 31st at 11 AM.
Wade Hilger - CCC
Wade will give a demonstration on drones in agriculture. If you've been wanting to find out how you can use the benefits of a drone in your operation this would be a great presentation to attend.

Wade will present on Thursday, Februa…

Iler Smiler

22% of us plan to give at least one co-worker a gift this year. Only 6% will spend over $50 on it though. The WORST gifts people said they've gotten from co-workers include a roll of Saran Wrap, a reipe for dip, and used candles...How about you?  I'll share more at 9:40 on the Morning Show...

Ye Olde Jukebox

The first time I dropped quarter into a Jukebox was back in the mid 70's. Heading to a bowling tournament in  Southern California with The Wilkins and we stopped in at the "Wild Horse" Saloon and Restaurant in King City, walked over to the jukebox and played Merle Haggard "Oakie From Muskogee". The Wilkins, not country music fans, starting  laughing and said let's get the hell outta here!

Chris Stapleton is king of jukeboxes across the country.
Not only is he the most played artist of 2017, his song "Tennessee Whiskey" is the most played song. Jon Pardi is the top-played newcomer.  Country stars account for half of the Top 10 artists, and six of the Top 10 songs are country. The list was compiled from data from over 65,000 bars and restaurants. (Rolling Stone) Here are the top artists of 2017: Chris StapletonAC/DCEric ChurchLynyrd SkynyrdBruno MarsThe Rolling StonesLuke BryanEaglesJohnny CashGeorge Strait These are the top songs of 2017: Chris Staple…

Iler Smiler

Now, here's that Ronnie Milsap story I teased the other day. Years ago (the late 70's) I was working for KTOM Country in Salinas, California and Ronnie Milsap was in concert at the Circle Star theater
San Carlos, California just south of San Francisco, I was representing the station because we gave a concert tickets on the air. Ronnie is on stage, which by the way is a circle stage and slowly goes around during the performance so everyone in the crowd has a great seat. Anyway, Ronnie Milsap is blind-for those who didn't know that-and he slowly starts talking to the crowd and walking toward the edge of the stage. Now I'm thinking he better stop because it's about a five foot drop. But he nudges closer and closer to the edge and stops just in time..whew! He then says I really love my band members and trust them all the time, in fact, they say I got at least another 3 feet of stage left in front of me and begins to laugh. The joke was on us and he started singing &quo…

Our bowl game?

Okay, I'd be the first to admit the Husker football debacle was a long time coming. Now it seems even the casual Husker football fan is taking notice of Scott Frost and what he can put together. We won't make a crystal ball prediction. That may be for another time.

Fact is Nebraska does have a bowl game, sort of. 

Saturday night the Nebraska Volleyball team is playing for a national championship. The young ladies that make the old Devaney Center home face Florida in the NCAA title game in Kansas City. 

There are a lot of stories out there about the individuals, Coach John Cook, and how the girls have worn the label "Why Not Us?"

Good luck, bring home a winner.

It's Going to be a Chilly Winter!

What's the weather going to be like this winter? Well if you're hoping for mild and warm, you may be disappointed in the weather outlook from Al Dutcher, State Climatologist with UNL. Farmers, businessmen and others interested in what we'll see this winter came to Dutcher's presentation at the Columbus Chamber of Commerce on Thursday. 
Al started out his presentation by reviewing how the weather has been so far this fall and winter, and compared it to last year. This year’s La Nina event is much stronger than last year and expected to last longer.
Many people have commented on the recent stretch of dry weather we've been seeing in our region of Nebraska as of late, but Dutcher explained we received almost all of our fall precipitation during the month of October. 
Al said the La Nina pattern will keep dry conditions south of Nebraska, which will continue to expand the  drought in those areas. 
Dutcher says when looking at the La Nina event that we are currently experie…

Its In The Lyrics

Everyone has a reason they like or dislike a song.  For some its the artist, for some its the vocals, for some its the drums, guitar, etc....  The list could go on and on.  For me, it has always been about the lyrics.  And for me, its not necessarily the lyrics of an entire song.  It could be just that one line that gets me and draws me in to the song and allows me to file it in my like category. 

How many times have you said, "hey what's the song with the line......?  I understand, I've asked that question thousands of times.  For me its about the lyrics.  Its ok, we are not alone, check out this interesting article on our website.



Aah the Holidays! There's so much to do in getting ready for Christmas. The shopping, the parties, the planning, putting up the tree, getting the outside display ready, the relatives and this is beginning to read like the story line of the movie, Christmas Vacation. A holiday classic?  Anyway, one of my favorite scenes (and I have several favorite scenes from the movie) is near the end of the movie. It's when Clark and family find out the Christmas "bonus" from Clark's employer is a year enrollment in the jelly of the month club. Clark goes wacko  and grabs a cup and submerges the cup into the big bowl of EGG NOG. Not once, but twice. This seems to relax him
Well, if you want to to know a bit more about this seasonal drink read on.
While culinary experts dispute exactly when egg nog came to be. it is believed to be an early mid-evil drink from England. It was called "posset" a warm,  milky ale-like drink. Monks added eggs and figs to it.
Egg nog is one of …

How I Became a Race Fan

How I became A race fan. It started in the 60's with my first trip to Skylark Raceway and I saw a car with Mighty Mouse on it I knew that was my car little did I know that the driver was the Late Great Wilbert Hecky who knew more to follow...RMOS....


Interesting song

Song lyrics can be interesting as the artist. Aaron Watson has a song out called "Outta Style".
There are plenty of references to things of the recent past, but his reference to a David Bowie song me caught off guard.

You can find out a lot on what's happening in country music by going to and linking to KZ-100 country music news.


Christmas Shopping for wife

So guys, how long does it take to Christmas shop for your wife? I won't do "gift cards", it's too easy and doesn't really show any thought. I've been doing this for over thirty years and have come down to making it a well-honed art. Here are quick easy steps, that won't shoot your whole day or evening.

1) Don't take her hints. Taking hints from her puts you on a collision course for disaster. It simply won be "right". You'll pick the wrong color, wrong size, spend too little, or spend too much.

2) Take some time in figuring what you are willing to spend, and how long you want to spend shopping.

3) Try and make the shopping experience for you painless, and do it quickly. I've got it down between 45 minutes to an hour.

4) Always save your receipts, and clip any sales tags and hide them for when she takes it back. MAKE HER TAKE IT BACK, not you. If you take it back, you'll be taking stuff back until you are in the nursing home.