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Aah the Holidays! There's so much to do in getting ready for Christmas. The shopping, the parties, the planning, putting up the tree, getting the outside display ready, the relatives and this is beginning to read like the story line of the movie, Christmas Vacation. A holiday classic?  Anyway, one of my favorite scenes (and I have several favorite scenes from the movie) is near the end of the movie. It's when Clark and family find out the Christmas "bonus" from Clark's employer is a year enrollment in the jelly of the month club. Clark goes wacko  and grabs a cup and submerges the cup into the big bowl of EGG NOG. Not once, but twice. This seems to relax him

Well, if you want to to know a bit more about this seasonal drink read on.

While culinary experts dispute exactly when egg nog came to be. it is believed to be an early mid-evil drink from England. It was called "posset" a warm,  milky ale-like drink. Monks added eggs and figs to it.

Egg nog is one of the treats I enjoy during this season. There are others, but that is for another blog. I actually prefer it "straight". However,if I do add a bit of alcohol to it a bit of Jack Daniels or Crown Royal is good. I'm not big on rum, so I'll leave it you you.

Normally, you will find egg nog sold by the quart in the grocery store's dairy section. And, you can get regular stuff or "light".

Hope this helps you get through the season!

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