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Christmas Shopping for wife

So guys, how long does it take to Christmas shop for your wife? I won't do "gift cards", it's too easy and doesn't really show any thought. I've been doing this for over thirty years and have come down to making it a well-honed art. Here are quick easy steps, that won't shoot your whole day or evening.

1) Don't take her hints. Taking hints from her puts you on a collision course for disaster. It simply won be "right". You'll pick the wrong color, wrong size, spend too little, or spend too much.

2) Take some time in figuring what you are willing to spend, and how long you want to spend shopping.

3) Try and make the shopping experience for you painless, and do it quickly. I've got it down between 45 minutes to an hour.

4) Always save your receipts, and clip any sales tags and hide them for when she takes it back. MAKE HER TAKE IT BACK, not you. If you take it back, you'll be taking stuff back until you are in the nursing home.

Keeping these guidelines in mind, I ventured out into the cold Nebraska winter air last night. Got the shopping done, after spending maybe 20 minutes on line looking at stuff. Went into the store, got a clerk to help with sizes (yes honey, you are getting clothes). and about 20 minutes later I'm at the register. I even knew my wife's cell number to put the amount on her account, to earn her points for a future purchase.

Better yet, she went to a Christmas concert, which gave me the time to get home, box and wrap it.
I don't go in for the little cards you stick on the package. Instead I find the biggest magic marker and write her name across the package. Then, there's no mistake who it's for, or who it came from.

Happy shopping dudes.



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