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college football

The College Football season is nearly over. One game remains, Georgia vs. Alabama, However, before we look at the BIG game, let's rewind some years ago when there were two polls: the writers poll and the coaches poll.

The writers consisted of newspaper writers from across the country. It wasn't scientific by any means.
How would a writer in Atlanta, Georgia have any kind of feeling for an outstanding team from the Pacific Northwest? They would get placed in is top twenty, down the line, after every southeastern
school got a "push" close to the top. the same could be said for the Seattle writer about schools in his region versus a school 3,000 miles away. So, NO it wasn't always "fair", but it made for good conversation at the nearby watering hole or coffee club.

The coaches, had little time to fully evaluate other schools. They were too busy trying to figure out how to win the upcoming game. Their poll received the same criticism from the public.

So then we came up with the football playoff system, where a select group of people would sit together, starting midway through the season and rank the teams. From there, they would update the list weekly, and at the end of the season there would be four teams who would square off for the coveted national title.

Did they get it right this year? NO. You had Alabama who lost to (and beat, because they played twice) Auburn. the Auburn Tigers, lost by a touchdown to Clemson. Auburn beat Georgia. who beat Oklahoma last night.

Were there other worthy teams pushed aside? Probably. Teams like Ohio State, Wisconsin, and oh yes, Central Florida. The Knights went undefeated, beating Auburn yesterday.

So, it's Georgia and Alabama for the National Title of college football.

I happened to like it the old way. Flawed, yes. The playoff system is also flawed.

I look forward to the guy and his entire staff, coming to Nebraska and bringing Nebraska back to the discussion of great teams.

Good luck to Scott Frost and his staff 13-0 at Central Florida, enjoy Nebraska.


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