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Games People Play

Games People Play was a song recorded by Joe South, a good song, but were not gonna talk about songs, but talk about games.

Exactly the severity of the winter storm has yet to be established, it may cause you to be tied down to one location. 

If you get stuck at work, a crossword puzzle or word-search book may help you pass the hours. These can be fun and provide you solitude.

Stuck at home with friends, & neighbors? Well, a game of Scrabble or Monopoly could be the cure. In Scrabble trying to get rid of the letter tile of "Q","Z", or "X" can be frustrating. To get all three can be demoralizing. Should you get all three and use them maybe on a double word score, it can be fun. Ever play Scrabble for money? Penny a point gives the game a twist. A dollar a point give it an edge. Monopoly speaks for itself. The biggest argument is usually at the beginning of the game over who is going to use which token. It can take hours to get to a conclusion. A time limit is ideal way to declare a winner. Say after two hours, the game is over and players can count up their wealth, and a winner is decided.

Either way, you may have a little down time with the rain, ice, snow and wind.

By the way, for the latest weather developments keep your radio on KZ-100, or on-line at


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