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Join me at 9:40 this morning for some trivia...I'll even give you the answers...

It's time for "Yes or B.S."  We give you a statement, and you decide YES, it's true . . . or NO, it's total B.S.  The topic is BETTY WHITE, who turns 96 years old today . . .

 1.  Betty is her nickname.  Her real first name is Elizabeth.

B.S.  "Betty" IS normally a nickname for Elizabeth.  But her birth certificate says "Betty Marion White."  Her parents specifically named her Betty because they didn't like other nicknames like Beth or Liz.

2.  She's on Twitter, and has over a million followers.

Yes:  She's tweeted just over 100 times since 2012, and has 1.4 million followers.

3.  She's been on television since the '50s, but she's still never won an Emmy.

B.S.  She's won five Primetime Emmys, and been nominated a total of 21 times.  Her first win was in 1975 for "The Mary Tyler Moore Show".  Her last win was in 2010 for hosting "Saturday Night Live".  She's also been nominated for two Daytime Emmys.

4.  She's the first female game show host to ever win an Emmy.

Yes:  It's one of the Daytime Emmys she won.  She hosted a show back in 1983 called "Just Men", where women had to guess how men would answer different questions.  It only ran for one season, but she won an Emmy for Outstanding Game Show Host.

5.  She's played her character from "Golden Girls" on a total of four different sitcoms.

Yes:  She played Rose Nylund on a short-lived "Golden Girls" spin-off called "The Golden Palace" where they ran a hotel together.  She also played her on three episodes of "Empty Nest", which was ANOTHER "Golden Girls" spin-off . . . and on one episode of the sitcom "Nurses", which was a spin-off of "Empty Nest".



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