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Let it snow

The National Weather Service is talking snow for KZ Country. It's about time! This winter we haven't gotten one of those storms where the snow starts off and becomes vicious with northeast winds whipping it around. This may be our "opportunity".

Here's a few thoughts: 
for the home, make sure you've got enough food on hand, in case you have to hunker down, keep the shovel and salt ready for digging out; got pets?, keep them safe, keep yourself safe, know where your children are, stay warm...this will last only a couple of days;

for work, make sure your you've got some food with you, in case you get stuck, have a blanket in your car, take any medicines you need with you (in case you wind up staying an'extra long time, take it in stride;

for driving, make sure you've got enough gas, you've got a blanket, shovel, scraper in your vehicle.

That's not a complete list, but it should help you get started.

Stay tuned to KZ-100 for the latest weather forecast, road reports and any closing or late starts for schools. You can also find this information on our website


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Raising Children

Now this is a topic, I don't think there is a right way, or a wrong way. If you have just one child to raise or multiples, you would raise them somewhat differently. If the ages are spread a part, you again may raise them differently. Certainly if one child has special needs, you would raise them differently.
Then again, instilling basic fundamental steps is key.

Take the newly crowned Masters champion, Patrick Reed. He had his struggles growing up, like any child. Now let's fast-forward to his career as a professional golfer. Somewhere along the way he met his wife, who Mom & Dad dis not approve of. Reed playing the grandest golf tournament of all in his home state of Georgia had his wife by his side. His parents, no where to be seen. You see he has barred them from any tournament he plays.

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Truth is, someda…

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There's your tip of the day.