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The life of newspapers

Reading on line today a story from CNBC. The CEO of the New York Times says print journalism has at least another ten years of life. He expects changes to be made to the structure of the Times, and it will prevail via on-line subscription. This means it will come to your phone, laptop, tablet, etc.

This should be "good news" to the forests. No more trees being shredded for news print.
So they will continue to evaluate the economics of having a print edition. No longer can a grade schooler earn money by making the rounds and deliver the local paper.

It does present some challenges for electronic media like radio and television. One question that comes to mind, "what happens to the comic strip". How about the front page picture of the local parade, or the picture of the high school football player carrying the ball for the winning touchdown?

Yes, it can be added to a video stream, but how quickly?

It's food for thought for the present-day local media to wrestle with. Think about it.


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Raising Children

Now this is a topic, I don't think there is a right way, or a wrong way. If you have just one child to raise or multiples, you would raise them somewhat differently. If the ages are spread a part, you again may raise them differently. Certainly if one child has special needs, you would raise them differently.
Then again, instilling basic fundamental steps is key.

Take the newly crowned Masters champion, Patrick Reed. He had his struggles growing up, like any child. Now let's fast-forward to his career as a professional golfer. Somewhere along the way he met his wife, who Mom & Dad dis not approve of. Reed playing the grandest golf tournament of all in his home state of Georgia had his wife by his side. His parents, no where to be seen. You see he has barred them from any tournament he plays.

This must be his way of "getting back" to the two who created him, brought him into this world. They raised him. Something went terribly wrong along the way.

Truth is, someda…

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Picked up on a new word today, FUBBER. Are you a fubber? What is fubber? Can I buy it at Wal-Mart, or Casey's? Is it available on Amazon? The answer to all those questions is hopefully, NO>

A fubber is a person. I'm sure you know one, are married to one, or work with one, or both. To be a FUBBER you are active scanning your cellphone, while in a conversation. As a person talks to you, you scroll through your messages or Facebook.

This denies the attention the person you're with deserves. It's rude, careless, and obnoxious.

Conclusion, don't be a FUBBER.  If someone is being a fubber to you, call them out on it. If what you're saying is important, grab the phone and keep it, until the conversation has concluded.

There's your tip of the day.